Activated Carbon Filtration Systems

The automation of the filters of Activated Carbon Filter Systems is generally provided by automation valves such as Fleck, Siata, Autotrol etc. PLC pneumatic systems are used as an alternative at high flow rates. While the carbon surface retains the wastes in the water, it also performs the purification process and then distributes the water. At the same time, it does not need your intervention, it works automatically.

Activated carbon systems are used in the separation of heavy industrial wastes, detergent wastes, chlorine and its compounds in the water and in the retention of elements that spoil the water such as oil. Thus, bad taste, odor and color in water are removed.

10 Bar Tank Test Pressure

2 – 7 Bar Operating Range

Max 50 °C Operating Temperature

Low Energy and Operating Costs

High Quality Minerals

Model Suitable for Use

Fully Automated Automation System

Minimum Maintenance without Human Intervention