Prizma Under Counter Water Treatment System

In the first stage, by filtering the water with 5 micron precision with the Pre-Sediment Filter; it keeps all sediments such as mud, rust, particles and ensures that the water becomes clear. In the second stage, GAC Activated Carbon Filter removes chlorine and chlorine compounds in the water and odor.

In the third stage, water is purified in the best way before the membrane with Active Carbon Filter. In the fourth stage, the water is passed through the Membrane Filter with Advanced Treatment technology to reach the desired flavor and quality.

The water, which is purified from all wastes, is treated for the last time with the coconut shell carbon filter and becomes a delicious and soft water. In variation options, our customers can add Mineral Filter, Alkaline Filter and Detox Filter to their devices.

With the Mineral Filter, rich minerals are added to the water. With the alkaline filter, the pH of the water is increased to 7.5-8.5. Thus, it contributes to the body’s transition to alkaline state and provides a healthy life. Detox filter prevents toxin accumulation in the body.

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