Flow Controlled Water Softening Systems

Calcium and magnesium minerals that are not dissolved in water cause permanent hardness. When hard water is drunk, it causes gastrointestinal and skin disorders, which are objectionable in terms of health, as well as causing blockages in installations, devices and systems to be heavily damaged due to lime and even excessive energy consumption.

Installations exposed to hard water become unusable, devices break down and the quality of products decreases. To prevent these damages, Ca and Mg minerals in the water are removed by flow-controlled water softening using ion exchange method.

The flow-controlled water softening system performs the necessary backwashing and regeneration processes at certain times, depending on the program to be given at the beginning, without human intervention. With the ion exchange method, Ca and Mg ions that give hardness to water are removed from the water by passing through a cationic resin.

Softening systems measure the amount of water passing through a meter on the device and subject it to a pre-programmed regeneration process. The saturated resin enters into regeneration with salt water in a flow-controlled manner and calcium and magnesium ions are removed from the water.

10 Bar Tank Test Pressure

2 – 7 Bar Operating Range

Max 50 °C Operating Temperature

Low Energy and Operating Costs

High Quality Minerals

Model Suitable for Use

Fully Automated Automation System

Minimum Maintenance without Human Intervention