Seawater Desalination Systems

Thanks to the very small filters, dirt, bacteria and unwanted solid elements are removed along with the salt in the water. The water, which is sent to the filter with high pressure, is enriched in terms of minerals and vitamins by removing these elements in a short time.

In the design of Reverse Osmosis Systems, full chemical analysis of the water and the design of the pre-treatment system are of great importance. The system is completely managed from a control panel. Models can be equipped with automatic membrane washing system if desired.

Seawater Treatment Systems are a good choice for cleaning solutions and irrigation alternatives in places such as gardens, greenhouses and restaurants, especially in factories and industrial plants.

In addition to its wide area of use, during the cleaning of seawater; The fact that toxic or harmful chemicals and substances are not used in terms of human health is among the reasons that make seawater treatment reverse osmosis systems usable and advantageous.

10 Bar Tank Test Pressure

2 – 7 Bar Operating Range

Max 50 °C Operating Temperature

Low Energy and Operating Costs

High Quality Minerals

Model Suitable for Use

Fully Automated Automation System

Minimum Maintenance without Human Intervention