Tandem Water Softener Systems

Tandem water softening systems are highly suitable and economical systems for industries that consume water 24 hours a day and for hardness removal of very high hardness water. All control valves used in tandem water softening automatically perform service, regeneration and backwash processes.

Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium from raw water. Ultimately, it is the cationic resin in the mineral tank that does this. Working on the principle of simple ion exchange, these resins capture the Ca and Mg ions in the water and replace them with Na ions in the resin structure.

In case of depletion of Na ions, which we call saturation of the resin, the system is regenerated with salt water and put back into service. Water softening systems also capture iron and manganese more than 1 mg/L. In waters with Fe and Mn more than 1 mg/L, pre-treatment is required for the softener unit to work properly.