Hyundai HND 35 / 8 lt

Inlet/Outlet: 1/4″ Hose

Capacity: 10-12 Lirte / Hour – 4 Bars

Hose: 1/4″ NSF Material

Pre Filter Type: 2.5″ X 12″ Inline with Rods

Membrane Type: HYUNDAI 80 GPD Membrane

Post Carbon Filter: 2″ X 10″ with Quick Connect Inlet

Faucet Mini Euro Design Luxury Faucet

Tank 2.2G (8 LT) Steel Tank

Pump: – / 75-100 GPD (24V) Self Priming Pump

Full Depo: 1/4″ Shut Off

Input Power: -/-100-230 VAC

Output Power: -/1.6A – 24 VDC/15W

Certificates NSF, IEQCE, ISO, SGS, TSE

Case White ABS

Dimensions 28x41x53 cm

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