Iron filtration Systems

With HydroFilter-I Automatic Iron-Manganese Filters, iron and manganese minerals passing through the mineral bed at the appropriate filtration rate are oxidized and then precipitated. Iron and manganese minerals precipitated between the mineral layers are removed from the system by automatic backwashing without human intervention.

Iron filtration water treatment automation is provided by automation valves such as Fleck, Siata, Autotrol etc., and PLC pneumatic systems are used as an alternative at high flow rates.

Iron and manganese treatment must be used wherever iron is present in the water used. Iron Filtration Systems are used in areas such as drinking and utility water, leather and textile industry, food, pharmaceutical and medical industry, industrial machinery industry, paint, chemical and cosmetic industry, tourism sector.

10 Bar Tank Test Pressure

2 – 7 Bar Operating Range

Max 50 °C Operating Temperature

Low Energy and Operating Costs

High Quality Minerals

Model Suitable for Use

Fully Automated Automation System

Minimum Maintenance without Human Intervention