Sand Filtration Systems

When the industrial sand filter system is selected correctly and operates efficiently, the load to other treatment systems is reduced.
will be. Industrial sand filter systems ensure the removal of undissolved suspended solids and are used in machinery and
prevents blockages in installations and increases in energy consumption.

The system is formed by placing multiple layers with different granulometer degrees into the body. Filtration sensitivity in Multi Media Filter is below 15-20 microns. In the service period, the particles filtered and kept between the filter layers are discharged in the backwash period, cleaning the filter material and refreshing the media. Automation of these filters is generally provided by automation valves such as Fleck, Clack, RUNXIN etc., and at high flow rates, electric actuated valves and PLC are used as alternatives.

10 Bar Tank Test Pressure

2 – 7 Bar Operating Range

Max 50 °C Operating Temperature

Low Energy and Operating Costs

High Quality Minerals

Model Suitable for Use

Fully Automated Automation System

Minimum Maintenance without Human Intervention